License Plate Lookup

By Using the license plate lookup service, you can identify previous owners, title information, service and repair records, accident history, and over 60 checks on every vehicle history report.

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How can you look up a License Plate?

License plate lookup is the process of obtaining more information on the particular vehicle by taking the license plate number of a vehicle with the corresponding state in order to start your search. Using the license plate lookup you can identify previous owners, title information, service and repair records, recalls, accident history, and over 60 checks on every vehicle history report. It is an excellent alternative to access vehicle history records if you are unable to locate the VIN Number. A vehicle’s license plate number is linked to its VIN which stands for Vehicle Identification Number in the registries.

While conducting a License plate search, some information might be limited depending on the state you live in and what the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) rules and regulations are in that state. Running a license plate search has never been easier and can be done in seconds. All that is required is the license plate number along with the state mentioned on the plate. Enter these details on our license plate lookup form and discover accurate vehicle history records.

License plate number lookup service in Canada is not available due to a lack of a central authority that keeps a record of plate numbers and ownership history records. You can use our VIN Decoder service to discover more information on Canadian or export vehicles. 

How to search for a license plate number?

You can find your license plate number by looking at the license plate attached to your car with ease. You can use our free DMV license plate lookup service in order to discover accurate specifications and history records within seconds. The license plate is also mentioned on the title and registration of the vehicle.  The issued date is mentioned on the document which can be an important factor if there are any concerns about license plate number tampering. 

What does a license plate lookup contain?

There are various online services available where one can obtain vehicle history reports. Countless have spent money in vain to find a service that gives accurate and detailed history records as one would expect when looking up the license plate. Several services simply provide vehicle specifications and call this a vehicle history report. Using our license plate look-up tool you can rest assured to get the complete vehicle history from ownership to title records. 

Vehicles Report is here for you to get rid of this hassle and make the complete process of getting the vehicle records safe, easy, and quick.

By using our DMV license plate lookup service, you can uncover anything from the number of previous owners to the service and repair history of a vehicle you are interested in. Our License plate check uncovers the following important information.

  • Previous owners 
  • Current location
  • Total distance traveled with the vehicle
  • The vehicle’s fuel efficiency
  • Technical specifications of the vehicle
  • Title checks including salvage title 
  • Loan and Lien Records
  • Auction photos 
  • Accident history 
  • Safety Recalls
  • Warranty status 
  • Safety Rating
  • Flood, Hail, and Fire Damage
  • Personal, commercial, or rental use verifications
  • The present market value of the vehicle 
  • Service and repair history 
  • Theft Records
  • Vehicle registration history
  • DMV Records.

Why is a reverse license plate lookup so important?

Vehicles Report provides an exclusive opportunity to run a reverse license plate lookup service in order to obtain critical and accurate information about the vehicle. Take advantage of our proprietary technology that gives our customers instant access to state & federal records.

Conducting a reverse license plate search has a lot of benefits. Especially when you are looking to buy a new vehicle. By running our tag lookup tool you can avoid paying too much for a vehicle. Having a comprehensive understanding of how the market pricing is currently looking is important for being able to understand what you should be paying, and avoid getting ripped off.

In addition, our license plate lookup tool discovers any legal or criminal issues that your vehicle may have been linked with. This is a common and important factor that many people neglect when buying pre-owned vehicles, so having this in your report is very important.

Statistics on Accidents, Number of registered vehicles, Theft vehicles, and Natural Disasters in the United States:

Insurify lists the following states as the top 10 with the most car accidents in 2020.

Serial Number State Name Percentage of drivers with a prior at-fault accident
1 Massachusetts 17.14%
2 Maine 16.86%
3 Maryland 16.63%
4 Rhode Island 15.78%
5 New Hampshire 15.71%
6 South Carolina 15.41%
7 Ohio 15.17%
8 Nebraska 14.38%
9 Utah 14.08%
10 Oregon 13.93%

Statista lists the following states as top ten for vehicle registrations in 2019.

Serial Number State Name Number of registered vehicles with license plates
1 California 14894912
2 Texas 8313623
3 Florida 7841189
4 New York 4444391
5 Ohio 4423248
6 Illinois 4322850
7 Pennsylvania 4267811
8 Georgia 3499520
9 North Carolina 3434565
10 Virginia 3187026

FBI’s 2017 crime report  lists the following states as top ten reported for auto theft:

Serial Number State Name Number of theft vehicles
1 California 168391
2 Texas 68041
3 Florida 42914
4 Washington 28796
5 Georgia 26263
6 Colorado 21861
7 Illinois 20881
8 Ohio 20253
9 Missouri 19921
10 Michigan 19573

NBC News lists the following states as the top ten with the most natural disasters.

Serial Number State Name Major disaster declarations since 1953
1 Texas 86
2 California 78
3 Oklahoma 73
4 New York 67
5 Florida 65
6 Louisiana 60
7 Alabama 57
8 Kentucky 56
9 Arkansas 54
10 Missouri 53

How do Vehicles Report access information?

Vehicles Report gathered information for its users from its extensive database consisting of data directly from federal and state agencies. Most information comes from state Departments of motor vehicles (DMV), Ministries of Transportation (MTO, SAAQ), Other information comes from National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS), service stations across North America and auction photos and history for all North America, Europe, Middle East, and South America.

How to look up a license plate?

You do not need to queue up at your local DMV to acquire vehicle history records. Vehicles Report will do the work for you to find available license plate information online. By using our license plate lookup service, you can check any type of vehicle including a used car, motorcycle, truck, or SUV. 

Simply follow these steps to find the vehicle history report by plate lookup.

  • Open a web browser
  • Go to the Vehicles Report license plate lookup tool.
  • Enter the license plate number and select the state in the required field.
  • Start your search and view the results instantly
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