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A good and credible vehicle report projects on vehicle’s service history, mileage records,
ownership history, recalls & services theft and recovery verification, personal or commercial use
and more. Our proprietary technology “” takes into consideration
over 60 of these regulatory check-ins. Our goal is to facilitate the honest seller, inform the
prospective buyer and assist the dealers with trustworthy and viable vehicle history backed up
by sources like state and federal databases, Insurance corporations, auction houses, service
records and Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV).

Built using Used Auto Reports Proprietary Technology

Provides Historical Data & Specification of Any New & Used Vehicle

North America's Most Comprehensive Vehicle History Check

Vehicle Specifications

Get a latest by “” systemized listing of any vehicle, any make/model, anytime in addition to its factory fitted features and value added functionalities. “” can formulate an accurate and tailor made vehicle history report for each individual vehicle. Inclusive of major vehicle selling points like engine, chassis, security protocols, luxury accessories and frequent tune-ups.

Salvage/Market values Evaluation

In addition to a customary salvage & market value evaluation calculation, “” not only focuses on generating a vehicle report based on VIN, filtered through several layers of data pyramids from official vehicle records from federal, traffic compounds, Insurance claims and (dealership vehicle inspection report name???) . “” also guides the vehicle owners the best time to sell and how many days on average a model has been sold.

Vehicle Checks

Every vehicle diagnostic report crafted by “” takes on a 360 vehicle damage coverage from accidents, to weather damages, from theft to depreciation, from vandalism to salvage and from airbags to fire and water damages collected from USA and Canada. Aided further by an analysis of expectant depreciation projections based on current value, 01 year from now, 03 years from now and 05 years from now. (great job)

Up to speed Market Value

Submit your query at our proprietary knowledge base, to learn the true market value of your vehicle in top vehicle selling domains and compare with other vehicles with identical conditions and mileage all across USA vehicle markets. Showcasing on a pedestal of average months where you can get the highest dollar value for your vehicle.

Lien & Loan verification

The vehicle verification reports produced with “” ensure to monitor credit and loan status of every individual vehicle with help of federal database, dealer records and owners manuals to ensure a safe seller’s experience. In addition each report checks for an amended, revised or duplicated title history.

Vehicle Sell records & Maintenance

An “” vehicle report procures the exact number of owners and duration of vehicle ownership by each owner with a digital copy of original owner manuals with the final vehicle VIN report. The owner’s manuals are inclusive of all the maintenance and reference guides, which are forwarded in the Vehicle report when available. Mileage history reports from the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV), complete and up-to-date records which include service inspections and annual renewals.


If you are looking to sell or buy a used car, it is highly recommended to acquire a reliable and trustworthy vehicle report based on VIN (vehicle identification number). “” saves your money by providing complete ownership history including the number of owners and location, accident and maintenance history, lease and loan status. Makes the process easy by providing digitized original documents and sales receipts and provides a safe and authentic platform for all consumers in collaboration with federal, police, and DMV databases.
The most common error on part of sellers when deciding to put up their vehicle in a used car marketplace is the absence of any vehicle evaluation report. Even in cases where the owners manage to bring out their original documents filed and organized. The buyers in general are always doubtful about an unverified vehicle history report. This happens due to rising in cases of clocking, lease record forgery, VIN cloning, and other documents fabrication in a used car sales marketplace. In order to put your car for its best value, it is highly recommended for the seller to get a legally testified and fraud- proofed vehicle history report.

Features that you will not find on a Carfax report

  • Market Value
  • Specification
  • Features & Options
  • Auction
  • Market Value breakdown
  • Days listed for sale
  • Market Analysis
  • Depreciation Analysis
  • Best time to buy or sell
  • Safety Recalls
The most important factor when buying or selling a vehicle is to know how much the vehicle’s fair value price is, something that you cannot find on a Carfax report. Our proprietary technology estimates any vehicle value based on service, mileage, and condition history taking into account over 60 checks on each VIN.
Every vehicle report contains detailed specifications such as trim, engine, transmission, fuel, exterior dimensions, interior dimensions, and standard safety features. These detailed specifications and breakdown show more valuable information than the CarFax report.
The full feature list includes accessories and features on a vehicle such as air conditioning, airbags, audio system, brakes, comfort features, convenience features, exterior features, instrumentation, lights, mirrors, safety, seatbelts, seats, security, stability and traction, suspension, tires, rims, and windows. This is what allows us to build a Window Sticker
Auction Data including photos and detailed auction listing information is included in every vehicle report. See up to 10+ images on every vehicle with detailed specifications and auction history when records are available

View market analysis that shows the market value of a vehicle which is a important insight for someone in the market to sell the vehicle or know more about its value.

View how many days it will take for this vehicle to sell based on analyzing similar vehicles sold in the market.

This helps you in analyzing how much your vehicle worth based on the specified mileage and shows you similar competitor vehicles with cost and estimate mileage along with a graph to see which months are good for buying and selling.

Depreciation is the largest cost in owning a vehicle, typically making up 40-50% of the total cost of ownership. Learn how much the vehicle will depreciate over 5 years. You’ll be able to see the searched VIN Number compared to other similar models and learn about the depreciation costs.

We provide in-dept data based on the market analysis for the vehicles so the buyers and sellers and find the best months to buy and sell any vehicle.

Each VIN Lookup allows you to access recalls from the manufacturer. Keep track of recalls that have been completed and one’s that need to be done to ensure the vehicle is safe.


A 67 points check on brands for vehicle function reports mitigated by DMV.
Types of vehicle usage, accordingly evaluated depreciation and commercial vehicle reports.
Total number of manufacturer recall trips with all check-ins and misses for a perfect vehicle recall report.
Verify if the mileage history adds up to what you see on the odometer. The report includes date, time and city the record was registered at the Department of Motor Vehicles.
All accidents and repairs history to determine a genuine book value of the vehicle.
Learn the number of manufacturer recalls open and severity of each. It is very important that you complete all important safety recalls as your vehicle may be unsafe to drive. All recalls are repaired for free by the manufacturer. Make an appointment today at your local dealership.
Hail damages, factory faults and maintenance records summary, along with every legal notice and insurance claim either pending or settled.
Compare asking price with same vehicles, same make/models, same book values and learn how much your vehicle is worth.
Monitoring vehicles clear from junked, claims awaited, lien bound, ownership disputes and other legal disparities.
Check for known and unknown factory defects, which may affect the vehicle value considerably.
Checking the stolen cars database and authentic ownership manuals.