How to Look up a Vehicle Maintenance History

Vehicle Maintenance History

It’s important to look up the vehicle maintenance history when buying a used car.

With this, you can be sure that a vehicle has been properly maintained, and that the seller or dealer isn’t trying to silent over issues that could later result in heavy loss and expenses, which could even lead to loss of lives.

Every used car is expected to have a maintenance history. By rules, each vehicle must undergo an annual inspection to reassure its roadworthiness.

So to decide whether to buy a used car or not, the vehicle maintenance history records can actually give an accurate assessment of the car’s condition.

1. Ask the Owner/Seller

It’s your right to ask the seller all the possible questions about the used car of interest. Start by asking the seller to give you the vehicle maintenance history records.

Usually every used car is expected to have been maintained well or not over the period of use. So you have to check to see which repairs are often done on the car.

Once you have the vehicle maintenance records, note the mileage and do a follow up to confirm it by checking the car odometer on the dashboard.

2. Verify Online

Request for the vehicle identification number, or VIN,  and then check the information independently on the Internet. Use our vehicle maintenance history tool to independently reveal accurate information about the vehicle history.

The VehiclesReport site uses the VIN number to gather data and provide an accurate and comprehensive report of the vehicle maintenance history.

What is Contained in a Vehicle History Report?

A vehicle history report provides information about a vehicle’s maintenance history.

More than that, it also offers information about the accident history. Aside from records of major accidents, the report also captures any flood, fire, and hail damage. The report will also verify the theft status; if it’s a stolen car, it will mention if the vehicle was stolen and recovered.

Another important record is the vehicle’s title information. If a salvage title is given, it means that the auto insurance company has declared the car a total loss. The report will also indicate title brands such as damages due to fire, flood, hail, including the type of use- personal, rental, lease etc.

The vehicle history report will also indicate the number of previous owners. It will state the State where the car had been sold and resold. The report will also show the vehicle service history. Remember, it is safe to purchase a used car with regular maintenance records.

Besides, the vehicle history report will state the financial history of the car – whether any loan/lien is due on the car.

Note that the Odometer reading in the vehicle history report should match that on the car’s dashboard. Any uneven reading should alert you of a  possible odometer fraud.

A good vehicle history report will contain information about when the car entered service and when it was resold and in how many states. The report also mentions recall and update details. You get information about the state in which the car was inspected and registered from the vehicle history report.

Why Do I Need a Vehicle Maintenance History?

Having detailed and accurate information about the maintenance history of a vehicle is key to helping you make the best decision before buying a used car.

It’s also a brilliant business idea for dealers to have a complete service history record when they are selling a used car. It could save a lot of stress, erase doubt and help dealers close deals more quickly.

With an accurate and comprehensive vehicle maintenance history, you can:

  • Confirm if the vehicle has been properly maintained or not.
  • Expose potential issues that the seller may not know of or hiding.
  • Confirm if you’re getting a good price for the vehicle with respect to the information in the report.
  • Have an idea of what to look for during the physical inspection of the vehicle.

How do I Get a VehiclesReport Vehicle Maintenance History?

  1. On the VehiclesReport site, you can either search by VIN or license plate.
  2.  For a VIN Check, provide the 17 digits character, your email address, and phone number (optional).
  3. For a License Plate Lookup, provide the license plate number, your email address, phone number (optional) and select the State (US Only).
  4. Click “Check VIN ” or “Check Plate” for (2) and (3) respectively to purchase the vehicle maintenance history at a price cheaper than Carfax. VehiclesReport remains a perfect and an excellent Carfax alternative to get detailed information about a car and the auction records, including the auction photos.

In addition to the vehicle maintenance history report and in order to protect yourself when buying a used car, ensure that you inspect the car with your mechanic and do a test drive.


The vehicle maintenance history section of the vehicle history report provides an insight into how a vehicle was maintained, serviced and the repairs that were completed by the previous owners.

Thus, having a detailed and accurate vehicle history report is key to helping you make the best decision when you’re buying a used car.

VehiclesReport provides a comprehensive vehicle history report of a car. The information in the report is based on available information from over 60 databases including the State DMV, insurance companies, police records, world auctions etc.

VehiclesReport have access to several millions of vehicle data records drawn from thousands of unique data points, including those  information that are hard to get from other vehicle history providers.

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