How to Get a Build Sheet for a Chevy

How to Get a Build Sheet for a Chevy

How to Get a Build Sheet for a Chevy

Build sheet is one of the papers works which comes with every new vehicle including chevy cars. Many Chevy owners and motorheads wonder how they may get back the build sheet for their used Chevy. Chevy is a nickname or shortened form for the Chevrolet brand.

Build sheet may be discarded after a few months of using a new vehicle, making it difficult to acquire in the distant future.

Then what is a  build sheet? A build sheet is a document that usually lists all factory-installed packages on a vehicle, that is detail of every piece of equipment that was assembled originally in the car.

It usually lists Regular Production Options (RPO), other information may include order information.

The window sticker is a common term usually confused with the build sheet, however, they are not the same. You may wonder then what the differences are.

6 differences between a build sheet and a window sticker

Here are six differences between a build sheet and window stickers:

Window Sticker Build Sheet
It is a document required by the law in accordance with the Automobile Information Disclosure Act of 1958,
Unlike window stickers, they are not mandatory by law
Including the fuel economy information of the vehicle
It does not usually include the fuel economy information
Does not contain the car order information
Does not contain the car order information
Includes vehicle transmission details 
Car transmission information excluded
Includes the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MRSP) 
Build sheets do not usually contain the MSRP information
Helps to verify basic details such as the year, and make the model.
The build sheet comes in handy when registering a vehicle for exhibition.

In general Window stickers and Build sheets, can provide many insights into the components of any vehicle in question, helping to add to the decision-making process.

When dealerships provide the build sheet and window stickers to their clients these documents help them to build a  trustworthy business. 

Why do some car owners demand a Build sheet?

As mentioned earlier the Chevrolet build sheet and Chevrolet window stickers are often discarded after the purchase of a new vehicle. There is a demand for the build sheet because it usually contains important information about the vehicle’s original specifications and factory installments.

The Chevy Build sheet becomes even more important to collectors and car buyers when trying to determine if a vehicle has undergone any modifications. This is because car owners may choose to upgrade their vehicles altering the original nature of the vehicle.

Sometimes these changes are not intentional, as some Chevy cars might have been deemed as a total loss and were titled: rebuilt or salvaged, in the recent past we wrote a blog that will help individuals contemplating buying salvage repaired cars.

How to Get a Build Sheet for a Chevy

following the ways mentioned below you can get a  Chevy to build sheet: It does not matter if you are searching for a Chevy Traverse, Equinox, Silverado, Camaro, Corvette, or Blazer, the following methods will help you get what you seek.

An Internet Check

Using the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the Chevy car usually seen on the windshield, drivers door jamb, or the car manual you can search on the internet for the build sheet of the car, you can also get a detailed vehicle history report from Vehicles Report for any Chevy model.

Contact the manufacturer

You can make contact with the manufacturer, you can visit the official website of Chevy and query the customer care with your Chevy VIN, they may likely provide the information that you seek. Surely the Chevrolet historical services department will provide you with an original build sheet.

Visit your Dealership

Your local dealership may provide you with a copy of the vehicle’s build sheet if you visit the dealership with the Vehicle Identification Number. 

Conclusively, the Chevy build sheet usually referred to as the holy grail, can easily be obtained after all, by simply acquiring your VIN, and getting in touch with your manufacturer, you can get your Chevrolet to build sheet delivered to you like a soft or hard copy.

The window sticker, however, contains even more relevant information compared to the build sheet, interestingly the Detailed Vehicle History, offers you an opportunity to gain access to an unlimited window sticker subscription, leverage this rare opportunity and get the windows sticker for all the cars in your used car showroom.

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