How To Lookup A Jeep Window Sticker

How To Lookup A Jeep Window Sticker

A VIN lookup is not only performed to generate the vehicle history report. It can also be used to get the window sticker, also known as a Monroney sticker. A Jeep window sticker is a small label which usually contains more information about a jeep than in the build sheet.

As an investigative tool, the window sticker can help you to know if the vehicle you’re considering to buy contains all the specifications you desire. If you’re buying or selling a used Jeep, getting the Jeep window sticker can give you access to the original vehicle information.

A free Jeep VIN Decoder doesn’t provide vehicle information like the exact trim level, interior, exterior, color, or other important specifications. You can simply get all this information by looking up the Jeep window sticker.

Vehicles Report is able to provide the original Jeep window sticker by VIN to get a comprehensive list of any used Jeep. This provides a lot of useful information about what the Jeep car was like when it was new.

What to Find in a Jeep Window Sticker

Here is a list of information contained in a Jeep window sticker. They include:

  • Engine and transmission
  • Exterior and interior color
  • Standard equipment
  • Optional equipment and corresponding pricing
  • Manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP)
  • Fuel economy
  • Safety ratings
  • Safety features and warranties

How do I Get a Jeep Window Sticker by VIN?

Step: 1 Get the VIN, Vehicle Identification Number

All vehicles come with a unique 17-digit number called Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). You can easily locate the Jeep VIN on the insurance policy or insurance card. You can also look for the VIN on the driver’s dashboard, title, and the front part of the engine block.

Step 2: Get in Touch with the Local Authorized Dealer

The government has assigned some agencies to issue window stickers in the vehicle industry. You should contact and speak with the authorized dealer in your location about the possibility of getting a Jeep window sticker.

Step 3: Submit the VIN Information

Submit the Jeep VIN number and make sure you provide all the details including the year, make, and model. The dealers will consider the time you purchased it and may print or request a copy of the Jeep Monroney sticker from the manufacturer.

You should check the vehicle manual if you cannot locate the VIN on the vehicle. You may also contact the manufacturer or car dealer for matters related to the VIN. Be aware that vehicles manufactured before 1981 have shorter VIN, and the manufacturer may charge a little fee to get the window sticker.

How to Get the Original Jeep Window Sticker Online

Here is a guide on how to use the Vehicles Report window sticker lookup tool.

  • The first thing is to locate the VIN. You can locate your Jeep VIN number on the car’s title, driver side interior dash, insurance papers or on the front of the engine block.
  • To generate the Jeep window sticker by VIN from Vehicles Report, you will be asked to provide the VIN, your email and phone number (optional) to generate the Jeep Monroney sticker.
  • A small fee will be charged to use the window sticker lookup tool. It only takes a few minutes to unlock all the manufacturer’s information about the car at your fingertips.

What You Won’t Find in a Jeep Window Sticker

The accuracy of a window sticker remains intact only if the vehicle is still new. The window sticker will not capture any additional installations by the dealer or give details of any repaired or replaced parts.

Whether you purchase the car from a Jeep dealership, or a private seller, the window sticker does not uncover the vehicle history or current condition. To obtain the information, we recommend that you use our Jeep VIN Check tool to pull up the Vehicle history report.

The Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) will not reveal the current value of the vehicle due to depreciation and natural wear and tear. Though a particular MSRP is shown on the window sticker, a used Jeep may still sell for less when taking some variables into account.


Before buying a used car, it’s not enough to know only the exact features, packages, and options, you have to inspect the car physically. Be aware that a window sticker doesn’t provide any information about the current condition, or any accidents that may have occurred in the past. Never buy a used car without running a VIN check to get the full vehicle history report.Get your original OEM window sticker for your Jeep or use our VIN Check tool to get the full Vehicle history report.

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