How to Get a Vehicle History Information from the License Plate

License Plate Lookup

In addition to getting a vehicle history by VIN, a license plate lookup is another great means to access the past records of a car. Unlike the VIN number, license plates are easier to spot on a car because they are always publicly displayed at the front and rear end of a car.

Continue reading to know more about how you can get vehicle history information from the license plate.

License plates or vehicle registration plates on vehicles, help government officials and law enforcement to know that vehicles are registered in the state listed on the plate.

And since the license plate is linked to an individual vehicle, a license plate search can reveal a lot of information about the vehicle.

What is a Reverse License Plate Lookup?

The first step that occurs during a license plate lookup is the decoding of the VIN number of the car. This is popularly referred to as a reverse license plate lookup. You don’t need to book an appointment at your state or local DMV e.g. California DMV.

You can easily use an online license plate lookup tool using your internet devices like laptop, PC or mobile phones. The whole steps will only take a couple of minutes and at your fingertips.

At, you can easily  get your accurate and up-to-date vehicle history report by searching with a VIN, or with an original license plate number. In the latter case, you will need to select the correct US State in order to perform a successful license plate search.

This method will also help you to verify the authenticity of the license plate number.

Two Steps to Take Before Performing a License Plate Lookup

  1. First, check the front and rear end license plates and be sure they match and have the same information.
  2. Make sure you request for the registration or title to check that they match with the plate number.

As we said earlier, you can use the license plate number to do a reverse VIN lookup. You only need to provide the license plate number to start the search. will only require you to pay a small fee to initiate a reverse license plate lookup process. With this, you can get hold of the 17-digit VIN. Once you have the VIN, you can go ahead to generate your free vehicle history report – which gives you access to the history of any used car in the United States.

What Information Can I Find with a License Plate Lookup?

A license plate lookup is able to reveal hidden records and  information about a used car. This is a very important step for used car shoppers especially for vehicles manufactured in the United States.

The information you will get by using license plate search tool is a long list which are mentioned below:

  • The car’s VIN
  • Accident history
  • Mileage history
  • Salvage and other branded titles
  • Theft record
  • Service history
  • Manufacturer recalls
  • Auction records including pictures
  • Number of previous owner(s)
  • Sale history, market value and estimated ownership costs

Getting access to this wealth of information can help you to decide if buying a used car is the right move for you.

Why do I Need to Perform a License Plate Check?

  1. It Reveals the Hidden Issues: Don’t be deceived by the body or neatness of the car. The real deal lies in what you don’t know about the used car. A license plate search can reveal the hidden issues about that neat used car you are considering to buy. 
  2. It helps your Purchasing and negotiation Decision: Knowing the history of a vehicle might have a great impact on your purchasing decision. A  license plate search will check for any serious damages, odometer reading, and details any title brands on a vehicle. All this information is able to put you in a very comfortable negotiation position. Also, depending on what information you get, it could help you have maximum value as a buyer, even as a seller. A vehicle history will always affect its value – this value  starts depreciating the day the vehicle was first used.
  3. It helps you to avoid buying a stolen car: To avoid buying a stolen or damaged vehicle, all used car buyers are advised to get the vehicle history report either by running a VIN Check or performing a license plate search
  4. It boosts buyer’s confidence and promotes peace of mind: If you are a seller, a license plate search can boost buyers’ trust in your service and provide peace of mind for the two parties. A full VIN check by license plate can give assurance to back up maintenance records and that there’s been no serious or hidden damage. It also further strengthens that the seller’s asking price is reasonable. 

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