How to Check the Dirt Bike VIN Number

Dirt Bike VIN NUmber

A VIN represents the most important set of numbers/digits in distinguishing a vehicle from another vehicle. The life events of a dirt bike are usually held in the VIN code, and these include the production, registration, accident records, inspection, insurance details, recalls, number of ownerships etc.

These and other events are stored in several databases and registries using the VIN number on the dirt bike.

By simply running a dirt bike VIN Check, you will not only uncover the bike’s basic information but also several records like the number of previous owners, odometer reading, service history and where available, the auction records and pictures.

To purchase a used dirt bike, it’s important for you to verify if it’s not stolen or has been in an accident. These and many other records are very helpful in making the right decision whether to buy the motorbike or not.

What are Dirt Bikes?

Dirt bikes, or motorbikes, are a type of legal non-street motorcycle that lack road safety equipment, like most off-road specific vehicles. They are usually without the headlights, brake lights, and mirrors that a dual-sport bike would have.

Fortunately, you don’t need to acquire a special license for them because of these lacks. They are built with smaller engines and gas tanks, and a stiff suspension which helps the rider to soar over jumps and move through a trail with little impact on the bones.

Where Can I Find my Dirt Bike VIN Number?

  1. On the Bike: The dirt bike VIN is usually located by the steering neck. However, some are stamped on the motor close to the bottom of the cylinders. To locate it, direct your bike’s handlebars to the left and look on the right side at the point where the head of the steering forces itself through the frame. The dirt bike VIN number will be vertically stamped on the metal. Please know that locating a VIN number on other all-terrain bikes like ATVs is a bit difficult as it depends on the make.
  2. In the Paperwork: You can also locate the dirt bike VIN number in the paperwork like the registration papers, title, and insurance proof.

The Engine Number and VIN on my Dirt Bike. Are they the same?

Please note that the engine number is different from the VIN. The engine number is 11 digits and is stamped on the right part of the engine case close to the kickstarter. Only the VIN, which is a 17 digit character, is permitted to be included in the bill of sale or used for legal operations.

How to Avoid Dirt Bike Theft by Using the VIN

Are you planning to buy a used dirt bike and want to avoid buying a stolen dirt bike? You should turn to the VIN to check and verify if it’s a stolen dirt bike or not.

The genuine owner should have the Manufacturer Certificate of Origin (also known as Certificate of Origin (CCO)). So it doesn’t matter if the dirt bike is registered or not, this document will always be available.

The dealer is also expected to provide the paperwork and the model’s VIN. If this is not the case, some things might not be right.

You can run the motorbike VIN using an online VIN check tool to verify if it’s a stolen bike or not. Looking up a VIN this way guarantees genuine results when it comes to checking for stolen bikes. 

However, if a bike is stolen, it may take some days for the police or the agency involved to update the database and if care is not taken, you might end up buying the bike because the database is yet to be updated with the theft event.

If the bike is insured, it might also take some time for the insurance company to update the police. Nevertheless, the beautiful thing is that if a bike is stolen and recovered, it will also reflect in the bike history report.

What Happens If My Dirt Bike VIN is less than 17 Characters?

If a dirt bike has a VIN short of 17 characters, then it probably has been produced before the VIN standardization in1981. As a result, decoding such a VIN will be impossible except for a few VIN decoders that support older vehicles and bikes. Since the information reported might be limited, you should try to consider a more recent model.

Why do I Need to Run a Motorbike VIN Check?

A Motorbike VIN check can help you uncover the following:

  • Ownership History such as the number of previous owners, duration of ownership, city and state of registration.
  • Odometer Reading: Dishonest motorcycle sellers might roll back the odometer to sell the motorbike at a higher price than the original valued price.
  • Previous use such as personal, taxi or a leased motorbike.
  • Other vehicle data such as specifications, title brands, insurance, repairs, maintenance, and recalls.

Should I Reveal my Dirt Bike VIN?

You might have heard that it is not a good idea to share your VIN and wondering if this is true. Well, giving out your VIN number will never reveal any of your personal information. Besides, it depends on the asker and the need for the information.

You should expect a potential buyer to ask for the VIN of a dirt bike you have decided to sell. In this case, it is not dangerous to give out your VIN to potential customers

The Agencies Involved in Verifying Stolen Dirt Bikes

  1. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) – This agency operates a VIN decoder page in collaboration with the Department of Transportation (DOT).
  2. The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB –  A nonprofit organization that operates with a database which includes stolen vehicles. It was said to be established from the criminal divisions of various insurance companies.
  3. The National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) – This site is regularized by the Department of Justice, and it works in conjunction with the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators.

Using a commercial service like will  charge a small fee for you to run the VIN Check by utilizing the bike’s VIN number.

The check will reveal the number of previous owners, mileage history, theft records, accident history, service history etc. Definitely, this will help you double check the information provided by the seller. 

Since the VIN can help to  detect dirt bike theft and make it very difficult for thieves to resell stolen bikes, the bike’s VIN might be altered instead. So you need to be carefully observant and take your time to verify every bit of information provided from reliable sources.

Final Words

By running a dirt bike VIN Check, a buyer can access the past of a particular dirt bike. The VIN of a bike is important in verifying if a bike is stolen or not before you buy it.

Do not buy a used dirt bike without checking for the history. 

It would be very painful if you used your hard earned money to buy a stolen bike. To make matters worse, you may even be arrested and jailed if the stolen bike is traced to you.

Before you physically inspect a bike you want to buy, make sure you use a VIN decoder to get the basic information, then take a step further to verify the history of the bike.

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