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Are Metal Car Ramps Safer?

Are Metal Car Ramps Safe

Are metal car ramps safer? This is a question that all “do it yourself’ car owners usually ask. Some persons have called to question the safety of metal car ramps, but what are car ramps? And what purpose do they serve? Car ramps are used to raise cars, they serve as a good substitute for jacks and hydraulic lifts.

When a ramp raises a car, it makes it possible to access the undercarriage of the vehicle, enabling auto mechanics to effectively service the vehicle.
Car ramps are not always metallic, most ramps are made of concrete, built sloppy, allowing the driver to drive the car up or down the ramp.
However, metallic ramps are becoming even more popular and handy nowadays, hence car owners are wondering if car ramps are safer than jacks.
Worthy to note that in some metallic ramp designs a hydraulic jack may be incorporated. Metal car ramps provide an easy-to-use interface for car owners and technicians.

Are car ramps safer than jacks?

To answer this question we need to make a comparison between the ramp and the jack.

Car ramp VS Jack

Are Metal Car Ramps Safer?

Yes, metal car ramps are safe for use because they cover a large surface area which increases their stability they are even safer if the metallic parts have good structural integrity and are not exposed to dust and bad weather.

How can I use metal car ramps?

Some ramps are sizable enough to be stored up in the garage, hence after setting it up depending on the type and size you are using, you may drive up the slope to rest your car on the ramp. When used properly ramps can provide an easy and safe way to service vehicles.

Safe use of Ramps

  • While using ramps be sure you have perfect alignment so you do not end up with excessive pressure on one side of the ramp, this could lead to damage to the underside of your car under the affected ramp.
  • Don’t ever get under a jacked-up car without stiff legs.
  • Always use wheel chocks, or wedges, you can buy one or improvise with bricks. 
  • Keep the metal free from harsh weather conditions.

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Are Metal Car Ramps Safe

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