An Immense Guide To The Best VIN Check Websites

Knowing the condition of a used car should be prioritized when buying a used car. These might include checking and verifying for any odometer rollback, theft records, title issues and many more. As a result, smart used car shoppers are always looking for the best VIN check website to access all the past records of a used vehicle. Since there are many free VIN check websites on the internet that may not be able to provide the full history of a vehicle, we have carefully researched and presented 7 best VIN Check websites to get a  full vehicle history report that is reliable for a fee, ranging from $15 to as high as $39.99 per report

What is a VIN Check?

A VIN check involves the entering of a VIN number into a VIN check tool with the aim of having access to all the previous information recorded and documented against the VIN number in government and public vehicle databases. A VIN, Vehicle Identification Number, is a 17 digit character and it uniquely identifies every vehicle. So no two cars have the same VIN number.

Used car shoppers can decide to run a free VIN check  and/or paid VIN check. While a free VIN check only provides the basic information like the vehicle specifications, a paid VIN check will help you know about the history of a used car. Running a VIN check is safer and saves you from  ownership headaches and unnecessary repair costs.

A paid VIN check will let you know if a car has been involved in any accidents in the past, damaged by flood, fire etc, was stolen, or has any open recalls that may need to be fixed to guarantee safety on the road.

A VIN check will also give you information about any salvage or branded title. You can easily know if the car has been totaled by an insurance company as a result of excessive damage from any form of accident – collision, flood, fire etc

9 of the Best VIN Check Websites For Quick VIN Lookup

1. Detailed Vehicle History

Detailed Vehicle History comes first because it has been tested and trusted to be reliable, accurate and far affordable than many of the paid best VIN check websites in the market. They have one of the best VIN check tools that allows customers from all over the world to access a plethora of vehicle data in order to make an informed decision on the purchase of a used vehicle. 

You can do both a free VIN check and also decide to pay for the full vehicle history report – a smart decision. They are able to provide the details of the recall history, theft history, previous number of owners, auction history and photos, mileage history, titles and damages. You will also know about how a vehicle was maintained in the past from the detailed history summary section in the report.


.With several billion vehicle records, Carfax is indisputably to have one of the largest vehicle databases in the world. They are one of the best VIN check sites to obtain a substantial amount of vehicle information on used cars. Unfortunately, in 1981, Carfax restricted access to their VIN check service to the US and Canada only due to their ability to only provide vehicle records covering both US and Canadian vehicles – they collect data from several thousands of different motor vehicles authorities sources in these two regions.

3. AutoCheck

With millions of vehicle data collected by Experian, AutoCheck remains one of the best websites to check VIN numbers. They obtain vehicle information from a National Vehicle Database and also allow the comparison of two vehicles taking into account their features and condition. A figure from 1 – 100 is usually assigned and it’s based on several factors such as the year, vehicle specifications, odometer value, accident records, car type etc. AutoCheck is not able to include the maintenance and service history of a used vehicle.

4. Vehicles Report

Vehicles Report is radically changing the automotive industry by making it easier for car shoppers to run VIN checks easily and quicker for comprehensive and detailed vehicle history reports. It’s one of the best websites to check VIN numbers due to the boost of several billions of vehicle data obtained from hundreds of thousands of sources including the police agency, the world’s auction databases, the department of motor vehicles, insurance, authorized repair shops etc.

5. CarVertical

By relying on the mechanism of blockchain, CarVertical is able to provide a distinct VIN lookup standard which has made it to be recognized as one of the best VIN check websites in the industry. They also collect vehicle data by accessing several public databases, including data from the NMVTIS and from the vehicle market in realtime. The blockchain mechanism also allows CarVertical to provide a proven and verified to be true basic information about the vehicle specification. This helps to ensure that the vehicle history report is authentic and can be used to make an informed decision.

6. Instant VIN Reports

Just as the name suggests, Instant VIN reports VIN check tool is built on a modern technology that returns data within seconds. It’s listed as one of the best VIN check websites due to their acquisition of vehicle data from hundreds of thousands of  trusted and accurate databases. They are also able to provide auction records and photos with all other records like the accident history, mileage history, damages and titles, theft records, loan and lien records, open recalls and service history. If you don’t want to be boxed to a corner due to long time generation of vehicle history reports, instant VIN reports is your surebet.

7. EpicVIN

By providing vehicle data from NMVTIS, the largest vehicle database in the US, EpicVIN is one of the best websites to check VIN numbers without a need to worry about false information. They are a trustworthy VIN check site with over 40 millions of vehicle data and are able to provide information such as titles, accident history etc. Just like Detailed Vehicle History, they also pride in providing comprehensive vehicle history at a very affordable price. 

8. Premium VIN

At Premium VIN, you get value for every cent you spend on their vehicle history report as it’s always detailed and covers all the available records for the car. Aside from their report, they respond quickly to messages on live chats and treat their customers with great respect. Their partnership with top vehicle data agencies in the US makes them irresistible and one of the best websites to check VIN numbers. 

9. ClearVin

The last but not least on the list is ClearVIN which offers a paid VIN check service. They obtain vehicle data from NMVTIS, financial institutions DMVs and other state and local government agencies. They are regarded as one of best VIN check websites by providing detailed vehicle history information that include the previous number of owners, loan and lien records, damages and titles, theft records, mileage etc. 

As we can see, a paid VIN check should always be chosen over a free VIN check in order to access the full information about a vehicle’s past. It’s better and investment wise to pay $25 to get a vehicle history report and avoid paying over $15,000 to buy a car with hidden issues. You may even end up spending several thousands of dollars on repairs, also to resolve any legal issues. Nobody prays for this!

Many of the best VIN check websites also offer a free VIN check which will only provide the basic information like the vehicle specification. To get in-depth information on a vehicle’s past, you will be required to provide the VIN number and credit card information to access the full vehicle history report. Used car shoppers can leverage the affordability of Detailed Vehicle History VIN Check service to get details of a vehicle’s recalls, theft status, mileage, auction records and photos, damages, titles, etc. 

For quick and easy access, use Detailed Vehicle History VIN decoder app. It’s available for download on both Google Play Store and App Store.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best VIN Check Website?

Any website that’s able to provide you with the full vehicle history report. Be aware that there are many free VIN check websites available on the internet that are not able to provide accurate detailed information on a vehicle’s past.

2. What Information do I get from a Free VIN Check?

As its name implies, getting a free VIN check means that you don’t need to pay a penny to lookup a VIN. A free VIN check will reveal the basic information like the year,make, model, engine information. However, the information you can access is usually limited unless you pay for a  premium VIN check, also known as a paid VIN check.

3. What are the benefits of a Paid VIN check?

You can access the full vehicle’s past from the vehicle history report and the window sticker  which let you know about the original features, packages, options and MSRP, interior and exterior colors, warranties etc of the car when it was manufactured. It’s worth every penny! 

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